The Aquaking Differnce


  • Best digital softener valve
  • Premium high efficiency resin
  • Up flow regeneration technology
  • Use 70% Less Salt And Water
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Reverse Osmosis

  • High efficiency membrane 1:1 rejection ratio (traditional is 3:1)
  • Restore alkaline pH in water
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Water Filtration

  • Revit13TM – Purification Technology
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Healthy Purified Water For Home

AquaKing is dedicated to improving the quality of life through the quality of water. By staying at the forefront of the ever changing water purification market we have been able to offer a premium water treatment service to our customers. At AquaKing we offer the most advanced, reliable, high quality products at the most affordable prices in the industry. Also, we offer great tasting pure water through a variety of residential and light-commercial water purification systems, plus we provide an impressive line of water purification replacement parts and accessories for all key brand name industry product. The company is built on a philosophy of serving one customer at a time and a belief that a truly satisfied customer will stay for life. Once you buy from AquaKing, for instance, you can just relax and enjoy the benefits of ownership.

Our Services

Free Water Test

Our experienced water specialists can help you make the right decisions regarding your water treatment needs and concerns.

Preventive Maintenance

Our technicians will provide regularly scheduled maintenance checkups and filter replacements as needed.

Professional Installation

Our qualified technicians will install your system effectively and efficiently at your convenience and location.

Booking For Service

We provide drinking water systems and water coolers/dispensers for a fixed monthly rental fee.