Free Water Test

We would be happy to test your water for free if you would like to send us a sample. It would be helpful to know the water source. Such as whether you need a free water test for city water or a private well. You may have a spring or cistern as the water source. Whatever it is, that helps us to know which of our locations that you need to send a water sample to. If you need water tests or water testing for harmful bacteria or other harmful contaminants, you may need a paid water test. If all you are trying to do is determine your general water chemistry to decide how much hardness or iron and things like that are in the water, then the free testing is just fine for you.

Free water test samples can be sent to us in a plastic bottle with a plastic cap. This sample normally needs to be raw water. No water softeners or water filters or anything like that. The water needs to come directly from your private well or home city water source for the best water test. Rinse the bottle with raw water, do not use soap or other cleaners to clean the bottle. Soaps and cleaners can affect the accuracy of the water test. Fill the bottle until it is completely full. Put the cap on tight. Make sure no air remains in the bottle. It never hurts to over night the sample for the most accurate water test.