High Efficiency Water Conditioner

We use the best softener valve, premium high efficiency resin, catalytic carbon rather than granular activated carbon and up flow technology for regeneration.

Granular Activated Carbon

Granular Activated Carbon media and activated carbon cartridges are on of the most common styles of carbon filters in the market. Activated carbon absorbs chemicals such as chlorine fairly easy. This type of carbon can also reduce the amount of other chemicals to an extent, at a reduced capacity.

Catalytic Carbon

Catalytic Carbon is becomming a popular choice fore removing/reducing chlorine and other contaminants from the water. Vivekanand Gaur of the WQA explains “To enhance the catalytic activity of carbon, the surface is modified by a chemical process in which the electronic structure of the carbon is altered in such a manner that the resulting carbon offers enhanced catalytic capability”. This process results in catalytic carbon. Catalytic carbon has several advantages over tradational carbon such as better chlorine/chloramines capacity.


Activated Carbon

Catalytic Activated Carbon

 Chlorine Reduction/Removal Higher Capacity for Chlorine Reduction/Removal
 Limited Reduction of THMs, VOCs  and  Chloramines Better Reduction of THMs, VOCs and Chloramines
 Most Common In Cartridge Filters Only Used in Special Carbon Filters
 Reduction/Removal of Bad Tastes and Odours Reduction/Removal of Bad Tastes and Odours
 Limited Reduction of Hydrogen   Sulfide Better Reduction of Hydrogen Sulfide
 Cheaper More Expensive