High Efficiency Water Softener

We use the best softener valve, premium high efficiency resin and up flow technology for regeneration.

The Clack WS1 is the best water treatment valve on the market Clack WS1today. But what makes it such a great valve and why should you make sure you choose water treatment equipment that is equipped with this valve?

First, let”s review some of its features and why they are important to you as a consumer.

  • Handy Manual Compartment stores basic manual inside faceplate
  • Aerator on drain line cuts backwash noise by 50%
  • Full 1″ Porting minimizes pressure drop in your home. Rated for 27 gallons per minute
  • Self Diagnostic display shows error codes for easier service
  • Built in Power Cell holds current time for 2 hours during power outage
  • Power Cell memory retains all settings (except current time) for weeks
  • Highly Efficient for low salt and water usage
  • Look ahead feature gathers information on your usage and looks ahead to ensure enough soft water is available for typical usage
  • Automatic metering counts every drop of water used and only regenerates when needed
  • One moving contact part ensures years of trouble free service
  • Double backwash to ensure media is cleaned thoroughly before and after brine cycle to minimize sodium residual
  • Built in flow meter can actually help problem solve leakage in water fixtures such as toilets
  • Top mounted injector is easily accessed for future maintenance
  • Commercial Quality Valve. The same valve, only larger, is used in many commercial applications like restaurants, hotels and in industrial applications
  • This valve has been in use since 2000, so it is a well proven product All of these features make the Clack WS1 a world class valve and ensure all water treatment equipment that uses this valve will provide many years of highly efficient and trouble free service! But the best news for you as a consumer is that this valve is non proprietary, which means any water treatment dealer can get parts for it now and far into the future.